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Changelog (up to v0.0.1.0) Sticky

A topic by nanimonull created Sep 25, 2018 Views: 213
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Developer (14 edits)

-Slime-Only Block: Allows the Slime to pass, but not the Core.
-Core-Only Block: The core can enter and use them to gain height, but the Slime is blocked.
-Collectible item, and logic gates which detect if All or None of the collectibles have been grabbed.
-In/Out logic gates: Allow you to send a signal wirelessly in a straight line.
-Clock logic gate: Generates a repeating on/off signal.
-One-Way Gate: Placeholder, currently just a solid block.
-Physics Sphere: Just a sphere. Experimental and somewhat buggy.

Item modifications:
-Doors can now be lengths of 1-9.
-Timers can wait for 8 times ranging from 0.1 second to 1 minute.
-Clocks can generate signals with 8 periods ranging from 0.1 second to 1 minute.
-Physics Sphere can be sizes 1-8.

-UI should now draw on top of all game elements
-Fixed "Next Level" button on Level End menu. Should now work properly for Included and User levels
-Fixed hotkeys for rotating items in Level Editor - You can also Modify held items with Q/E by holding Shift
-Added user-facing error message when trying to play a custom level that has either no Spawn or no Goal