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Legacy of the Wizard

A topic by Sephalos created Jul 08, 2016 Views: 1,074 Replies: 4
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Legacy of the Wizard

One of my childhood favorites. I decided to go for a simpler 3D flat look wich looks pretty good for the most part.

Preview Video

A few rooms are a bit buggy, most notably one in Pochi's area where the game seems to clump background and tiles together making it look a bit messy. But otherwise absolutely fine and playable.

Roughly 50-60% done, however, if i try to modify anything else in the game it seems to corrupt or bug the .3dn file and resets all my progress. So, until i can figure out what i'm doing wrong this will have to do.


Feel free to use the .3dn file to modify and make your own.

Thank you for your contribution. I know it's hard but could you tell me the steps to reproduce the bug?

The bug can be reproduced if you keep on making changes to the 3dn file i beleive. It was working fine when i was working on it yesterday, but now whenever i try to add any more changes it seems to just erase my progress. More specifically i was working enemies in later areas.

I had been going back through my backups and they seem to work up until backup 6, 7, 8.. ect, wich had more changes done to the file.

FYI the bug has been fixed in 1.1b3.

This is really impressive Sephalos. I can't believe that the 3DN file is only 3.14MB with how good it looks. I was thinking about doing this one next until I saw how much you've already done on it.

Did this game play nice since most of the sprites are squares? Most of the games I've been working on end up with 3DN files closer to 10MB and I have tons of problems with background and foreground sprites connected to each other.

Are you still having problems with the 3DN file after the last update?