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A retro first person shooter with roguelike elements · By MaxwellSalmon

Error: Won't let me play

A topic by ArmyLegoman97 created Sep 22, 2018 Views: 217 Replies: 4
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I play on windows 10 32-bit. every time I try to play, I get this:

I have tried compatibility mode, I tried running as administrator, neither worked.


Ah, it seems that, since the game is 64-bit Windows 32-bit won’t play it. It doesn’t seem to be an easy task for me to create a 32-bit version. I am sorry. Alternatively, if you really want to try DUGA, you can run the source code. You’ll need Python3 and Pygame.

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Thank you for this information, does it matter which version of the software to download?


As long as you have Python 3 or above (and a version of Pygame compatible with that) you should be good to go :-)

Roger dodger.