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Jam Reports Moderation

A topic by leafo created Jul 21, 2023 Views: 2,984
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Jam hosts now have a few more moderation tools to manage submissions. On your jam’s edit page, there’s a new Moderate drop-down menu with access to the following:

  • Logs – Changes to the jam can be audited here, including when hosts perform actions, dates are changed, reports are calculated, and participants remove their games. This is a read-only view that can help you understand events related to your jam.
  • Reports – User reports for project pages are made available to jam hosts so they can review submissions that might be in violation of the jam’s rules.

Report moderation

Report moderation screenshot

As a jam host, it’s your responsibility to determine how you moderate jam entries. User reports can help you identify rule-breaking entries should you need to remove them from the jam. Any newly created report is placed on the Pending list, where any jam host is able to see the report.

The following actions are available to take on each report:

  • Dismiss – The report is moved out of the pending list, no other action is taken. You can review dismissed reports at a later time if action needs to be taken.
  • Disqualify – The submission remains part of the jam but is disqualified. It will no longer display on the main submissions list and is no longer eligible for ratings and rankings. The submission page is still available by URL, and comments can still be left on the page. The submission can be re-qualified at a later time by a jam host.
  • Ban Account – The submission is permanently removed from the jam. The submission page is deleted, including any comments. The account is banned from submitting any of their pages to the jam if the submission period is still active. If the account submitted any other entries to the jam, they are also removed. This operation cannot be undone.

Additionally, you can filter the reports by project, or search for reports by the URL of a project.

If you need to escalate a report to an admin, you can contact support with the report ID that is included next to each report.

If there are more moderation tools you would like to see, please leave a comment below.