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Troubleshooting and Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by DaFluffyPotato created Sep 18, 2018 Views: 910 Replies: 11
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I'll help deal with any issues that may occur. Just post them here.

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On MacOS the enter key does not work in the menu.

Edit: It's the X key, it works after all ;-)

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There is no MacOS version. I’m assuming you’re using Wine or something. I actually had forgotten to add a note in game about this, but the “select key” is X. It also says so on the game’s page.

EDIT: Just saw your edit. xD

Hello. I can't get the game to detect my controller. I'm using a wireless xbox controller with a usb dongle. I tested the controller in steam big picture which detects it just fine but if I try it in SPB and select the configure controller option in the menu it says to tilt left stick up but doesn't register when I do so.


Try unplugging it (leave it unplugged) and open the controller config again. If it says "controller not detected" or something along those lines, then it's a compatibility error. Otherwise, it means you have something else the game is mistaking for a controller connected. Unfortunately I don't have that controller, so I can't fix it if it's a compatibility error.


Very interesting game, I'm a Python developer so I'm interested in the source code. But I'd also like to know if there will be a Mac version.




I was planning on a Mac version, but either the packaging tool or the OS is making it impossible. :(

So - I can't get the Linux version to run and on the Source code version (when running on Linux) I get an error that says "data.text - no module" - runs fine from source on Windows.



it sounds like you're running the wrong file or something.

Hmm - not sure. at the top of the code (like line 3/4) there is an "import data.text as data" line. Seems like that is what the error is pointing to. I don't see a file by that name that generated by a make file or something?


There should be a under the data folder. Also, I'm pretty sure it's "as text" and not "as data".

got it fixed - weird bug - I just commented that line out and copied it below "import data.text as text" and it worked...not sure what was up there. Thanks though!