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Agreed about price...

A topic by n_n_n_n created Jul 13, 2023 Views: 255 Replies: 3
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I love paint apps, and in particular use the hell out of MSPaint (I realize this is based on MacPaint), so I was really excited for this. I think it's fair to say I'm specifically the target audience!
....But I agree that the $20 pricetag is insulting. Especially considering that this is a version 0.2 early release that even declares it makes no guarantees to finish/implement missing features.

I think a substantially higher number of people would be willing to purchase this at a more reasonable $5. 


Ten dollars?

I was originally thinking $10, but after considering its beta status (0.21) and the fact that it's not an original application, I think $5 makes way more sense. Maybe if it were $10 from the beginning, but the current price really hurt my interest for this one.

I am the target audience, for me even 30$ is not a pity for such a product