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A short game reveiw

A topic by aksfo110400 created Sep 18, 2018 Views: 637 Replies: 1
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Played through a game of this, and i absolutly love it. I like using my imagination to picture my character and his surroundings. The way combat, lvling up and exploring works is really cool and interesting! I have read books like this where you have to make choices, and its just like that!

The only problems i have is that on some ares it gets repetitive... but maybe that changes later on.. after all i died on chapter 3... The snakes are one thing that kind of tilts me though, they are hard to deal with, and almost always appear. I have only found 1 way to deal with its poison. But then again i need to play more to say for certain.

I really really love this game!!! Please keep working on it!!!

Hi aksfo110400, thanks so much for leaving that awesome review! And sorry for this awfully late reply. Glad you liked it! Isn't using your imagination awesome? :D

The repetitiveness is definitely something I'm working on now. It's a matter of adding content; items, monsters, events. I'm about to update the game again which adds a lot of that.  Bloody snakes, right? Haha. Right now there are 2 ways to deal with poison and the update I mentioned adds another. And I have an idea for yet another. Ah, so much still to do. Gotta get back to work!

Thanks again!!