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Played through a game of this, and i absolutly love it. I like using my imagination to picture my character and his surroundings. The way combat, lvling up and exploring works is really cool and interesting! I have read books like this where you have to make choices, and its just like that!

The only problems i have is that on some ares it gets repetitive... but maybe that changes later on.. after all i died on chapter 3... The snakes are one thing that kind of tilts me though, they are hard to deal with, and almost always appear. I have only found 1 way to deal with its poison. But then again i need to play more to say for certain.

I really really love this game!!! Please keep working on it!!!

Seems i got it working , ignore that last msg please... Will post a reveiw after i have played it for a while!!

Hey, i really wanna try out this game... but it wont download for some reason! Is it set up to be only for phone? i cant download it on my pc, where i have all my itch games. Please help!

MewnBase communityCreated a new topic Mewnbase Start bug

Hello! My name is Aksel. I encountered a bug when trying to start up  "mewn base". I bought it a while back (when no cats were involved馃榿) for a cheap price and really enjoyed it. Some time passed and i wanted to get back into the game seeing all the new updates. But whenever i start the game i just get the meassage "application crashed, process exited with code 3221225477". I was wondering if you could help me, or point me in the right direction.  

Thank you in advance!

Great job man!

This game is beautiful. Its amazing and for some reason it made me happy. Idk how to explain it, i really love this game! Please keep working on it!

Love it! <3 keep up the good work