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A retro first person shooter with roguelike elements · By MaxwellSalmon

Cant play the game

A topic by created Sep 17, 2018 Views: 458 Replies: 16
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When i starting the aplication,displays FATAL ERROR!:Failed to execute main script.

Can you help me?


I have heard about some people experiencing this. However, I am not sure what causes it. Does the CrashReport.log contain any errors?

Also, make sure you have the following files:

  • DUGAFONT.ttf
  • data folder
  • sounds folder
  • graphics folder


Nothing in crash reports

Nothing in sounds,data and graphic folders


Wait, did you say there is nothing in the folders? If not, there is supposed to be a lot of asset files. The game acannot run without those.

I need python 3 or pygame installed on computer to run this?

what system do you use?

Windows 7 Professional

Developer (2 edits)

You do not need Python to run it. I am unsure, what causes this error if the crash report is empty. Maybe your anti virus is blocking something within the game.

I havent got any antivirus

I got Windows Defender


Hmmm... then I am afraid I don’t know what causes the problem. I am sorry. If you really want to try the game, you can run the source code with Python.

I tryed to open it with Python Idle 2.7



The game runs in Python3. Make sure you have the Pygame framework as well.

I must download it?


You can install Pygame with Python pip. You can find the instructions here:

I got pygame and python 2.7,but i will click that link


I am pretty sure, it won’t work with Python 2.7. You need Python 3.*