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Ways to support Kemze and development Sticky Locked

A topic by kemze created Jul 06, 2023 Views: 165
This topic was locked by kemze Jul 06, 2023
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Let's make a thread here for those of you who are eager to support development but don't know how!

Monthly subscriber

First things first, the most direct and effective way to help us is to become a monthly subscriber, which we call being a Funder. Becoming one lets you register your payment details in the game and allows you to gain any other digital rewards bought from the Ko-Fi shop in the future even when you aren't a funder anymore. It also gives you a special icon next to your nametag, and also unlocks specific in-game rewards (which is not yet done, but in development!!):

  • funder specific outfit (which is basically a very fancy version of the school outfit)
  • funder sticker and background
  • server-wide login message

Funding is a direct contribution to us for working on this project full-time and paying for associated costs (server upkeep, internet subscription, and so on). You can become a funder for 10€/month through our ko-fi with the subscription tier "Funder".

You can always find our Ko-Fi over here:


Of course, if you can't afford monthly subscription then single, one-off donations are also highly appreciated! Right now these are treated strictly as just donations, but it will definitely make both of your memorize your name for your help during our early years. We're planning on going on for a long time, you know.


We also make Merchandise, although a bit more rarely! These are often limited items such as posters or mousepads, and they often combine with digital in-game rewards. Like mentioned earlier, the digital rewards has the requirement that you've been a funder (even just one month) and they will then appear automatically in your inventory.

Our current Kemze merchandise lineup is still bare, but you can check it out over here at ko-fi. For example, right now we're offering a cool physical mousepad!

Personal works

I (Amina) do a lot of cool things besides the game. For example, I have a few past books that involves/takes place in the Kemoverse:

And some other works that are more personal in nature - featuring my thoughts and philosophy surrounding the world and everything.

Yelling in social media

If there's one thing I, ahem, strongly dislike doing is... advertising. I'm certainly not the right person for that task. With that said, if you feel like making videos, tweeting about the game, posting about it on blogs or, in general, shove it in people's faces, furries or non-furries - go ahead! I've worked hard to try and make this game approachable, interesting, and charming. And you'll save a lot of my headache, too. A social game benefits from more players, after all.