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PUMPKIN PANIC is Out Now! [Farming/Horror]

A topic by Bilalaika created Jun 26, 2023 Views: 15,216 Replies: 10
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Play the game on my page HERE


Explore this little farm in the middle of the forest, plant crops, take care of the plants

Go fishing, or whatever you prefer, but have a good time!

But be carefull, they say that strange things are happening in the area...

Pumpkin Panic is a farming/survival game, where some creepy creatures will try to kill you. Will you be able to escape?

Play the game on my page HERE

Hello, Skull here, I have to say, I love this game and it's concept, And the style is wonderful, It really works as a good horror, But has something that should be fixed before I can deem it a perfect game:


Simply put, This game is very very unforgiving, And not even in a way that I enjoy, I can hardly make it one night because first the wendigo comes by so often and camps frequently, Then there is the fact that the shadow man takes so long (compared to how frequently the wendigo comes by, at least.) to go away, I end up either stuck inside of the cabin because the wendigo won't go away, And getting the shit smacked out of me by the clown or the shadow man, Or I venture out to do anything for 3 seconds, and wendigo comes barreling in and fucks me up.

Just as a suggestion, Try putting them on a set timer that randomizes every so often, And the timer for the clown and the shadow both stop, Or slow drastically when the wendigo is present, to avoid getting ass-fucked just because the wendigo was too busy chilling outside to move ass so you could go outside to deal with either of the other 2

Dear friend, I am glad that you love the game so much.

The game will never put you in an unfair situation or impossible to overcome, unless the player makes a really bad move. I can give you a little trick. If the deer blocks your door, you can quickly run out to trigger him, and quickly hide inside again. The deer will run away, and you will be able to get out fast.

I hope this helps you on your adventure. Thanks for the support.

A save option would make it more enjoyable

ive been loving this game :D !!! its super cute and really hard (but thats me me thinks) the deer is a bother but im pretty sure thats just because i kind of suck at video games, anyway just letting you know i love the feel and style of this game!!!! i used to play alot of dont starve with my sister and this give me that exact feeling! i hope you keep updating it with new features and such because its really sweet :] 

i cant run game i deleted and try to instal again and its not work

hey i had trouble getting it going as well, when you first install go in to folders then downloads extract the one of the files then leave for a minute when you come back there should be a new folder when you open it is should show, unityplayer.dll at the top you will want to click the one just under that and open it. It will take a moment to start up but it should work

what i can do

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I have loved this so far and it's a lot of fun to play and stream, I just would like to ask if you could maybe put a save after the first night and I was wondering if the deer gets on to the dock where the boat is on how would you get away as I keep getting to a point where the deer gets to the dock/on when I am and then I can't get away without triggering it no matter how hard I try

I love the style art and this kind of horror farming simulator. Can you please considering create a game that with a longer story, much more of defend, anything that you could possibly buy more or maybe some option to fight back these monsters? Simply, a longer version of this game (keep the art keep the style keep everything but make it longer).  As an enjoyer of this game just love everything and willing to pay for a longer version. 

Keeps on saying that the download thingy is a virus, my small brain cant figure out how to stop this from happening