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The N Word (Early Access)

A topic by Endeva created Jul 05, 2016 Views: 196
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The N-Word is a top-down roguelike spaghetti western shooter where you play as a slave taking revenge for the lynching of her husband in the old west. Take control of turrets, take cover and kill everyone in your way.

After enjoying the procedural generation of Nuclear Throne, I started out by making a fan game. Then when I was rewatching Django Unchained I thought that the story of a slave taking revenge would be an interesting angle to take a game. While the game isn't heavily influenced by a story (As of now, I haven't drawn the storyboards into the game) I want to emphasize that this is just an arcade game to spend a bit of time on.


WASD for movement

LMB to shoot

E to open chests

Alternatively, you can connect a controller and use it. Be warned, as of now, the game defaults to a controller if one is connected so if you plan on using a mouse_keyboard, kindly disconnect the controller before playing. An update is in the works to allow the user to select which control configuration they want.


Left Analogue to move player

Right Analogue to move player

Right trigger to shoot

X (Xbox Layout) - To open chests (Alternatively, Square on the dualshock layout)


Please rate the game and/or comment on it.

Any donations to help the production of the game are welcome.