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Elementaurus - The first ever Co-omp game!

A topic by Patada! created Sep 03, 2018 Views: 293
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Hello! We are Patada! Studio, a small brazilian studio. We are releasing this demo to collect feedbacks of the game! So please, share your experience with us :)

Game info:

In Elementaurus you have only one duty: To steal everyone’s points! Protect the Nature!

The first ever Local "Co-omp", a cooperative AND competitive experience up to 4 players! Protect Mother Nature, playing as a Magical Bull which controls the power of the 4 elements.

You must cooperate with your friends to complete the game’s challenges and progress to the next level. At the same time, you can push your friends in a fun and harmless way to prove you are the one and only Cow King.

Game Page Link

Screenshots & Gifs:


GIF shows Elementaurus's first boss awakening

Gameplay GIF

GIF shows an Elementauro using its Special Attack to steal his friends points and kill enemies

Selection Menu

Image shows the selection screen, with a Legendary Hat that gives the player in game bonus

Elementaurus's Menu

Image shows Elementaurus's Menu
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