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Infinite Stars - The Visual Novel

Inspired by stories like Dune, Star Trek and The Expanse. · By InfiniteStars

Is their supposed to be new content in the Update?

A topic by Drager created Jun 03, 2023 Views: 1,196 Replies: 12
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I download the most  recent version of the game and it ends off at the same spot as the last one, is there new content or was it just bug fixes?



I think its a bug when I tried to update to the lastest linux it wouldn't open. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


As far as I remember, in the last update after taking the patches I managed to wake up in the med bed, but in this update somehow it stops to the content where the MC passes out. Is it just me?

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That was like two versions ago for me, so are you sure you have the most recent update?

Make sure it has the version 1.0323.00602 up in the top left corner when you are playing.

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Here on the page it's still this...  This is after they announced the new public build update. And I downloaded it.

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Edit: I just quickly replayed the whole game their are new scenes and it allowed me to get to new content, so if you are still having problems with getting to new content then replay the game, even if your old saves work.

That is the same for me and when i play the game it says the same version number in the top left.

With this version of the game I farther along then the med bay scene, but not father then the last version which was 1.0323.0428.


thank you

Are you getting an error message or something that you can share with me so I can look into it? <3

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Yes when I tried to download the lastest update for Linux it says error can’t read file. And I notice on the Linux link it says Mac instead of Linux 

It should be fixed now? Sorry for taking a while to get to it! Let me know if it's still an issue! <3


Yes its fixed and it's okay :). You guys are working very hard and its understandable when I don''t hear from you all straight away. Thank you for your hard work!

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Hi, there are quite a few bugfixes, new backgrounds (I love the shuttle) and some new content. There is also some new content that you should see after the "Following scene(s) are under construction."

We had to rewrite the story controller a while back, and this unfortunately won't allow you to progress with your old save. I hate introducing save breaking features, but unfortunately it's something that has to happen once in a while. (Ironically, this save breaking feature means we can add much more new content, without breaking future saves when it comes to adding to the story!)

Edit: Thanks to EVERYONE in the community who jumped in and helped resolve the issue in the comments below! <3