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SC: Animation - Essentials

Colorful, diverse animations to get your game going! · By SeraphCircle

Some animation are not fully show

A topic by STh4nos created Jun 02, 2023 Views: 124 Replies: 2
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Hello, i'm on Rpg Maker MZ lastest and some animations are not shown entierely... like the half down is not shown

i put all .efkefc into effects folder, and the folders pre-render and ressources too


You're looking at the animation at a base rotation, parallel to the camera. Play around with rotation! I mostly use animations at 15 X rotation. Play around and see what you like best, 10~20 X rotation is the ideal range for me. Sometimes a 90 X rotation will give interesting results, especially for frontview battles!

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I didn't understand anything! But I found a solution: I deleted... thanks anyway