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Paint of Persia

Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool · By dunin

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A topic by dunin created Jul 01, 2016 Views: 810
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Developer (5 edits)

I will post here change logs:

(since 0.2.2, each version had a name based on the artist that I most listened during as I did it)

0.3.2 "Geneviève Castrée"

  • Official mac support!
  • add curve tool
  • add color swatches import (.aco, .gpl, .png)
  • bug fixes (shortcuts bugs, experimental pipette, etc.)

0.3.1 quick bug fix for mac users

0.3 "Pascal Comelade"

  • Real selection tools
    • add lasso and magic wand
    • change display of selection
    • keep selection and selection limit where you can draw
    • shift to add something at the selection, alt to remove
    • ctrl + click on a color (main window or swatches) select all pixels with that color
  • add lock for swatches
  • add a pattern possibility (with custom or random possibility)
  • the experimental pipette support multi screens
  • add grid display possibility
  • add pixel-perfect cursor possibility
  • lot of bug fixes (draw ion edge, historique, etc.)

0.2.2 "Bernard Adamus"

  • Add polygon tool
  • add swatches in the palette window
  • new shortcuts (Ctrl left / Ctrl right / ctrl Shift right : add duplicate frame before/after/at the end, add new frame if you use Alt instead of ctrl)
  • rewrite history: change frame isn't rec, but move selected area is.
  • bug fixes (multiple lines, focus lost, history...)
  • attempt to fix windows 8 bug (is it working?)


  • new management of shortcuts, don't keep key if no window has focus.
  • added some shortcuts (Ctrl+Y to redo works too, hold 'N' to show all the background, hold 'M' to hide all the image (or ',' in azerty keyboards...)
  • added label to see the current frame number
  • About menu display version and had a link to the game web page
  • fix dotted rectangle bug
  • added experimental pipette to pick up color behind the canvas (right-click on pipette-tool to enable and test it, can take time to init)