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CAM software developed by artists for artists to create unique and original works on a 3-axis CNC router or mill. · By Deftware

hi all

A topic by oslow1 created May 12, 2023 Views: 117 Replies: 3
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is there a way to get Tessellated carving only on the bottom layers without it carving into the top layers something like this I've tried  every combination i can think of in pixelcnc the only other way i can think of is doing as i done in the picture using gimp      

Developer (1 edit)

Hi oslow1,

You can use the Min Depth parameter to prevent cutpaths from cutting everything above the depth value you set. i.e. for a 0.5" thick canvas if you set Min Depth to 0.25" then cutpaths will be restricted to the bottom half of the canvas volume, like this:

Hope that helps!

 - Charlie


thank you charlie

Developer (1 edit)

No problem! Glad to help :)