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Flood Escape 2 (2D, Singleplayer)

A topic by jamer8 created Aug 25, 2018 Views: 610
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Flood Escape 2 is my first game.

It was made with scratch and then converted into a SWF file.

Screenshots (NOTICE: These are old ones. I will update it soon.

It can be found here ( or here (scratch).

The latest update had a lot of things changed! (It is beta now)

  • > 2 new maps, Lava Tower and Axiom!
  • > Better swimming!
  • > Background added!
  • > You can go to the previous area! (In case you don't know, you weren't able to go to the previous area in the past.)
  • > The flood can fill the full screen now!

  • (The lists weren't working on my computer ): )

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