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Thoughts on the editor after playing with it for an hour

A topic by softchassis created Jun 29, 2016 Views: 511 Replies: 5
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I've been playing with 3DNes for the past hour or so, adding some 3D effects to the nes game Sqoon. It's been fun so far and the editor is fairly easy to use but I want to offer some criticisms.

1.) Sometimes clicking on whichever sprite you want to edit just doesn't work for some reason, which means I have use the Nav buttons.

2.) Which leads to my second criticism, which is that the Nav buttons are fairly unpredictable. I never know which sprite the Nav button will jump to. It's not terrible but I often seem to loop around every other sprite before I get to the one I actually want to edit.

3.) A frame rewind button to accompany the frame advance buttons would be extremely helpful, especially in auto-scroll games like Sqoon where the background elements seem to jump back and forth between the foreground and background layers as they enter and exit screens.

4.) I believe there should be a more user-friendly method of moving sprites forwards and backwards on the Z axis. For example, in Sqoon, there's little buildings on the bottom of the level and for whatever reason, one of the roofs just refuses to align with the rest of the buildings despite it having the same values for Depth, Layer and ZScale.

5.) The tutorial videos are helpful but this program would still highly benefit from an actual readme or manual. I can't tell what AS does, for example, and I can't seem to find it in the videos.

6.) I think 3DNes could use some kind of feature that applies a global setting to all sprites, or the ability to edit more than one sprite at a time. When I first started up Sqoon, all of the copyright and intro text was all over the place--the layers, depth, zscale all seemed to be entirely random, and it took at least 30 minutes just setting them all on the same layer.

7.) And some minor feature requests: The ability to set transparencies per sprite and set whether a sprite casts a shadow or not.

Looking forward to your response and definitely looking forward to seeing where 3DNes goes! It's super impressive as is.

Noted. Reply soon!

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Sorry for late reply. Too many things fly around lately.

1) That's the case for small sprite. Try to zoom in to make the sprite bigger and then easier to select

2) Agreed, sprites sorting by location is better

3) Definitively but even save/load feature is not supported yet :)

4) As discussed in other topics, zOffset support will solve the problem at its root

5) Sorry, will write it. AS stands for Anti 2D Shaodow used to remove the black border of cylinder sprite

6) Multiple sprites selection and processing is the way to go

7) Individual Transparency and Shadow Per Sprite will be considered. For the time being, if you want to hide a sprite completely (2d shadow of character in some games), let set its depth to zero :D

What do you really mean by transparency. "A value between 0 and 1" or "completely invisible"?

A value between 0 and 1, for effects like glass and the surfaces of water, etc.

Got it.