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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

I would love to see that on Linux

A topic by marcus682 created Jun 29, 2016 Views: 328 Replies: 2
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But I think it should be lot of work

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I have dedicated a few paragraphs of the blog post to this matter.

So in short I would need to figure out the aspects of modding on Linux, and write an "assembler" program for that too (Unix' ELF executable format is pretty different from Windows' EXE).

Based on my experience with Wasteland Kings modding, there will also likely be synchronization issues with cross-platform play due to runtimes working slightly differently on each platform. This part, fortunately, will likely be resolved by future updates of software used.

So overall, for the time being I'm working on having the mod work nicely enough with Wine. Which it largely does, aside of systems-specific slowdowns on loading screens.

As a linux user I also would like to have linux support, but after trying NT in wine with mod yesterday I think there might be no need for linux port directly. Works like a charm. I get some fps drops in menu, but I don't think I saw any performance issues in the game directly related to wine.

Thanks a lot for the mod!