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A topic by amagicmint created May 05, 2023 Views: 95 Replies: 3
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Got some cool ideas that you'd like to give to the parlour, free of charge? Please post them here! :)

The game is looking really cool already! I really like the art as well!

A few suggestions:

1. It can be hard to know when you win balls, maybe have balls travel through a seethrough tube  before they get into the tray (could have a few bends so its fun to watch them enter the tray), also maybe have some lights around the board that flash in reaction to whats happening (would probably need a setting to turn the lights off as could affect people) could also add some sound effects or voice lines when you get the balls in the slots as well

2.It could be cool to be able to change the colour of your nails in the game. Could be unlocks and rewards in the full game as well

3. The coin slot is very cool and immersive! Some other ideas for imersion could be have the balls dropping counters be part of the machine as an led display or analouge display. Other on screen information could be part of the machine as well. Could also be nice to be able to see the edges of the machine and see the parlour at the sides of the machine to feel like you are in the parlour.

4. An idea for a new table is that parts of the table unlock when you get in certain slots, or the table could be split into parts and slots and tubes transport the balls to the other parts

Im really excited to see where this goes as the idea of a game of chance rpg is really cool, being able to play all of these games with out having to actualy gamble is cool!! There is also so many cool things you can do with the rpg elements, like all the games have collectibles, could have some characters you can talk to in the parlour(will be cool to see more of your character art!) with some story, secrets, character customisation and more!

Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope some  of these suggestions are useful or interesting.  Quick question what game engine did you use? Good luck with the development! :)


Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words :) I'll do my best to respond to your suggestions in order!

1. That is very true, and ACTUALLY something I already have implemented, but the thing that says "Please Pretend I'm Pretty" is an image the same colour as the background that's just covering it for the time being! :) The lights are a good idea! And it would be very simple to have a setting to adjust them :) I most certainly do want to add some voice lines for winning the slots/roulette :)))

2. That's a fabulous idea that I love. :D

3. I like the idea of having an analogue counter for the balls, maybe even with an audible click as the numbers change~! :O And yes the edges of the machine and such are something I am most definitely going to do!

4.  A wonderful idea! And quite honestly something that I was already planning! My next table was going to be kind of an... Aztec ruin sort of thing, where you would have to get the balls into certain slots to rotate the board and click 3 big wheels into place, and then it would press in and a giant head would come out and you'd have to put as many balls into his mouth as you can! :D (Official parlour term, btw.)

I really appreciate your comment very much, I have unfortunately had very little time to work on the parlour lately but your kind words and excitement are very inspiring, thank you so very much. :)

And for the last question, I use GameMaker Studio 2, coding in the GML language.

I hope you have a wonderful day, as you've most certainly improved mine! :)))

Thanks for replying to all my  ideas!:)

The new table idea sounds awesome! Ill be excited to try the updates when you release them :)

Good luck with development! (ive been putting game development off myself, but you have inspired me to make a new game :))