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Really fun! Would be awesome if there was a score and destroying the mech gave you a jackpot, so that you could keep going and have a leaderboard. Excited to try some of your other games, they look very interesting :)

Cool start of a game :) Looking forward to when it updates!

This game is so cool!! Im excited to play more of it :) Making the train is so fun:)

Suggestion:  It would be cool to be able to charge your suit from the power terminal:)

Thanks for replying to all my  ideas!:)

The new table idea sounds awesome! Ill be excited to try the updates when you release them :)

Good luck with development! (ive been putting game development off myself, but you have inspired me to make a new game :))

The game is looking really cool already! I really like the art as well!

A few suggestions:

1. It can be hard to know when you win balls, maybe have balls travel through a seethrough tube  before they get into the tray (could have a few bends so its fun to watch them enter the tray), also maybe have some lights around the board that flash in reaction to whats happening (would probably need a setting to turn the lights off as could affect people) could also add some sound effects or voice lines when you get the balls in the slots as well

2.It could be cool to be able to change the colour of your nails in the game. Could be unlocks and rewards in the full game as well

3. The coin slot is very cool and immersive! Some other ideas for imersion could be have the balls dropping counters be part of the machine as an led display or analouge display. Other on screen information could be part of the machine as well. Could also be nice to be able to see the edges of the machine and see the parlour at the sides of the machine to feel like you are in the parlour.

4. An idea for a new table is that parts of the table unlock when you get in certain slots, or the table could be split into parts and slots and tubes transport the balls to the other parts

Im really excited to see where this goes as the idea of a game of chance rpg is really cool, being able to play all of these games with out having to actualy gamble is cool!! There is also so many cool things you can do with the rpg elements, like all the games have collectibles, could have some characters you can talk to in the parlour(will be cool to see more of your character art!) with some story, secrets, character customisation and more!

Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope some  of these suggestions are useful or interesting.  Quick question what game engine did you use? Good luck with the development! :)

Awesome game! There is so many cool upgrades and upgrades you could add! :) I think it would be cool if the ball kept getting faster if you manage to hit it of the wall after a bounce would be cool. Also maybe if there was more obstacles the ball could bounce of like pinball would be really cool! Thanks for making such an awesome game!! Excited to see new updates :) or games!

Very lovely puzzle game.  Well done The way that the new mechanics are taught is very well done there is no words yet you understand the game. Good luck on your future projects!

Really Amazing Game!!! The music is really awesome!

Thanks for replying! Looking forward for future updates! 

There is a glitch where you are stuck in the plunger gun it remains fully extended and you can't leave it and aiming reticle is black. Its a really cool game though!! Keep up the good work!! Idea maybe you could upgrade the caravan? with upgrades around the map?