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[2D] How to create Shadow Effect

A topic by wize_kuzo created Jun 27, 2016 Views: 405 Replies: 3
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Hello All,

I was trying to create a shadow effect for 2D game using an actor with light component, but it did not work (I think it works only with 3D?). If there is no direct way, can someone at least advice me on how to create/mimic the effect?

Well I have not yet really looked into the lighting system in Superpowers but I have messed around with it a few times and I think its still pretty buggy. I think your best bet (especially in a 2D game) is to just add the shadow in with your sprite our create a separate shadow sprite and just have it follow underneath your actor if you want it to have it own animations or you don't want it to constantly be attached to the actor for example when the player is in the air. Hope this helped or gave you some ideas for your own hacky approach! :D

Thank you for your reply. I was actually trying to create the effect of walking in a dark place (e.g. a cave) with a torch (the light source) hanging on the wall which will illuminate a small area. I wanted to exploit the fact that superpowers is a 3D engine and wanted to use that in a 2D context.

Oh I see, that does sound like quite the task I would recomend taking a stab at in and coming up with your own hacky aproach.