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map not working

A topic by Virgil17 created Aug 19, 2018 Views: 1,438 Replies: 11
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so for some reason i cant generate a city n i was wondering if anyone had any ideas.....thanks

Try a different web browser? Make sure all the necessary options are turned on?


thanks DoctorGnario!

Happy to help!


Tried all web browsers, same issue starts to load and then nothing. Guess I'll wait for the stand alone desktop version


I guess the author is not interested in feedback and selling copies of this when it has the bugs ironed out. SAD :(


Hope you're not looking for $, you cannot even reply, so I guess this Dev has changed to a normal daily job

Being that it works for 99% of the rest of the users, it sounds like an issue on your end.

Then I guess you are aiming to work for UbiSoft or EA, have no idea how to fix bugs and errors.

Being interested in seeing why would be a start, and I can use any other website, application and no issues. So I guess it's on your end to fix or look into

nah I stopped caring when you started with the entitled bitchy attitude. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well you never responded in how long, so Zero Care factor from the start?

Your Toy Town works using the base of this. So why Does this not work standalone?

I did have an opportunity to present to you, guess you're not interested in being serious, as I said your loss not mine.

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Do you have an adblocker running? I can't get this to not load up on my PC or my Mac, what OS are you using?