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Well you never responded in how long, so Zero Care factor from the start?

Your Toy Town works using the base of this. So why Does this not work standalone?

I did have an opportunity to present to you, guess you're not interested in being serious, as I said your loss not mine.

Then I guess you are aiming to work for UbiSoft or EA, have no idea how to fix bugs and errors.

Being interested in seeing why would be a start, and I can use any other website, application and no issues. So I guess it's on your end to fix or look into

I was hoping he would answer why it don't work.  This author cannot answer bugs. So I hope he's not looking at selling this!

Hope you're not looking for $, you cannot even reply, so I guess this Dev has changed to a normal daily job

I guess the author is not interested in feedback and selling copies of this when it has the bugs ironed out. SAD :(

This works, however Medieval Fantasy City Generator doesn't

Tried all web browsers, same issue starts to load and then nothing. Guess I'll wait for the stand alone desktop version