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Spend the night with kitty 3 - Released

A topic by HKstudios created Aug 19, 2018 Views: 50
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After you escaped the basement, You where just over this crap, so you started beating the cat up to death, but right when you thought he was dead he reached over to you and bit your arm! venom was squirting out like an avalanche on your arm, and suddenly, your heart stopped. after that day, you had your funeral. but the cat was still haunting you, and now you play as the big sister. That night, you fell asleep, in your cozy bed, but then... you started to have a seizure. but it was no seizure, it was the CAT trying to get into your body with his ghost-like body, and then, it stopped. but you are now apart of the cat. so you ran out of your room screaming MOM! DAD! but the cat is following you, and he is copying you. but... if i where you, i would not look at the cat.


Try to find the exit before the cat gets you. HE WANTS YOUR HEART.


Chapter 2 is being developed at the moment.


WASD to move

Arrow keys to look around

Space bar to jump

C to crouch