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A topic by nitroflow created Aug 16, 2018 Views: 128 Replies: 2
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The generic mobile stile UI looks really out of place and off puting considering the asthetics of this game. Hope this will be worked on because the game itself looks interesting.


It's a good point. There is a strange blend going on. Personally I like it :P
Do you have any suggestions?

(The game will have support to completely customise UI and even texture packs for the game itself if people want that, but i'm interested in suggestions)

Thanks for replying.

Personally i'd like something more angular, flat and more neutral colored but doesn't have to blend in with the background(like xcom or oxygen not included) and the + and - icons to have transparent background, only showing the + and - itself. 

Isometric blocky icons would also go well with the whole Meeple asthetic IMO(BeOS icons come to mind).