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Lazer of Death - Horrible spelling plus awsome shooting combined

A topic by mousetail created Jun 25, 2016 Views: 106
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I am pretty sure nobody ever reads this forum. I know I wouldn't, but even if I get one view it's better then nothing.

I found several shooters on this site, of mediocre quality but many downloads. I thought, I can do better than that.


The game is about flying around, shooting stuff, then collecting the remains. There are 5 types of enemies, all unique, all annoying. You have to kill as many as you can in one minute, without being killed yourself. If you die, you get a score penalty, but you also have a chance to re-earn your points in a special death world. (That's the weird game-play quirk)

The short length means the game is ideal for short breaks, when you don't have much time, and just want to relax. I use it that way myself all the time.

Here's the link: lazer of death