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Split Screen Gaming

A topic by Bit Space Development created Jun 24, 2016 Views: 140
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Progress Update 6/24/16

We have been working hard on the game since PegJam2016 and we wanted to share some of our progress. We have enhanced the split screen gaming with a more robust character selection screen where you are now a different colour which we intend to be a class selection screen once you can fight back.

We have also improved the grabbing mechanics to make it a little more fluid while picking up objects. We have added a face to the monster so now when playing as a controller character you are able to see where the monster is looking to make it a little easier to hide.

We have also added a 10 second window at the beginning of the game where the monster can not see the players to give them time to hide.

[video coming soon]


  1. Players still move buildings so you will be able to find them easily.
  2. Sometimes when grabbed you will get stuck in the ground

Please give us feedback and let us know what kind of features you would like in a game like this, we want to build something that is actually fun so this is your chance to impact the development.