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Null Space - randomly generated puzzle game

A topic by christineforbus created Jun 24, 2016 Views: 197
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Hey y'all! I'm Christine, the Community Manager for Mantis Digital Arts. We just launched our newest game--Null Space. You play as a galactic postman, zipping all over the galaxy to deliver shield technology. But space is dangerous for little mailman, and you have to avoid a lot of obstacles.

Right now, we have 40 randomly generated puzzles and a level creator, so players can make their own puzzles and share them with the community! As a company that focuses primarily on educational games, we are working on educational materials that can be used in conjunction with the game. Things like lesson plans and activities that can be done at home!

We're still early access, so keeping our price at $5 while we work on getting as much feedback as possible. Consider giving us a try and letting me know what you think!