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Mail Order Apocalypse

Putting the Post back into the Post Apocalyse - an Into the Odd Hack · By JollyOrc

Map creation procedure clarifications

A topic by Whidou created Mar 30, 2023 Views: 126 Replies: 3
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Hi all,

I'm left a bit confused after reading the map creation procedure in chapter 5, as the example maps shown in the book do not seem to match with what I understand of the process.

For the first map, on page 52, the numbers in of areas in the bottom-right corner (6, 1, and 1) are not equal to the sum of the bordering outlines. My best guess would be that an outline with a value of 1 is missing at the junction of these 3 areas. The second map has an outline here, so it could just be a small mistake on the first map?

For the second map, on page 56, landmarks are being rolled for each of the 7 outlines, but the map shows the black numbers and drawings in areas instead of outlines. What is happening here? I would guess that the text is correct and the map is not, but any clarification would be welcome.



Thanks for spotting this!

The issue stems from the fact that when my original map got prettied up, one outline went missing. Here is a picture of the whiteboard I originally threw the dice on, four-ish years ago:

As you can see, there is an extra outline in between the 6 and the two 1s.

Otherwise, your assumption is true: The text is correct, the map not. I'll publish an errata on the https://moa.orkpiraten.de site as well.


Here is the errata entry: https://moa.orkpiraten.de/2023/03/errata-mapping-woes/

I think the main issue may have been the drawings appearing in the Areas instead of the Outlines on the second map, sorry if I shifted the focus to the missing outline on the first map, which is quite minor by comparison.

Thank you for the errata!