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Project Perfect Citizen

We all have something to hide. But what do we have to lose? · By Bad Cop Studios


A topic by Faeryn created Jun 21, 2016 Views: 450 Replies: 4
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A couple of things...

I've run into a bit of a problem with the very first task... It wants me to right click. On the rest of my computer I use the standard right click function for Mac as normal, but it doesn't work in game for some reason. Is this a bug or is there just a command I don't know? My Mac is only a couple of years old and is running the current version of OSX (updated about 3 days ago).

Also, I can't run the game in fullscreen, only windowed mode, and the window is larger than my screen so I can't make it smaller by dragging the edges and the bottom part of the screen is cut off by my toolbar (which I can move or make smaller if needs be to play the game, but it would be cool if I could just play in fullscreen.)

Really like the concept of the game so I hope you can help, so sorry to bother you!

I can't figure out how to right click on my OSX in this game either! Help!

Same here! Please help!

Ah that's because it's been downloaded from the internet, so isn't signed by the apple store. There's a solution here:

I have a macbook pro, and I normally just control click to right click, but for this game, you need to secondary click.

You need to go to system preferences> Trackpad > Point & Click
Then make sure that Secondary Click is checked, and that the way you want to click is selected. My personal preference is 2 finger click, but all 3 options work with the game.