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Oh dang I really need to update my page! I've got a new demo and everything....

It's really not on track for that Feb 2017 date hehe

But, I'm still working on it! It's just taking a while thanks to life throwing a bunch of stuff my way. Aiming for early next year now. Most likely March/April

Thanks Highland - that's exactly what I am working on at the minute :)

Hmm, I know GameMaker stuff has had problems with Avast if you use that? I had Avast on my old laptop and GM stuff just wouldn't open when I clicked on it. Did it give you any kind of error messages?

Ah that's because it's been downloaded from the internet, so isn't signed by the apple store. There's a solution here:

Sorry, it is. I've just not had chance to sort it out yet! I need to have it working on Linux before the alpha launch, so it'll be a week or so from now.

That's cool, don't worry! Fire is shift, space, control, enter or left click on the mouse (or the gamepad button - A on an Xbox pad, X on a Playstation pad).

I'll have Linux and Mac builds up in a few weeks - sorry for the delay!