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Pixeltao Engine

XNA game engine that mimics Game Maker. · By pixeltao


A topic by H-Tech created Aug 09, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 3
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Looking through your code, it is commented well and easy to follow.

One question, how far did you get before stopping? Like, how much functionality does it currently have?


Thanks! I'd say it has all the most common functions you'd use in Game Maker. I had written everything I needed (and more) to port Ninja Senki to XBox 360. It's not super detailed, but I listed everything in the doc file zipped with the engine.

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How would you compare it to game maker with speed? Having each object hold instances of itself is brilliant. I have been working on a project like this but just had one list of objects with ok performance, but this seems far more effective. I might ditch my project and carry one with your one as I see huge potential


I haven't done any serious benchmarking, but things I coded that ran smoothly in Game Maker also ran smoothly in this engine.