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Musician looking for project to gain some experience (Ambient, Synthwave, Minimalism, etc)

A topic by Messier 51 created Aug 04, 2018 Views: 141 Replies: 2
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Hey there! Figured I'd throw my  name out there if anybody got something they need scoring on. I'd be happy to do it for free in order to build up my portfolio and gain some practical experience. I can do a variety of stuff depending on theme, but here are some examples of things I've done before:

A bit of a casual soundtrack I did for a casual game:

A couple of ambient tracks with more focus on atmosphere for a game jam project:

Here's more of an orchestral piece for a fantasy RPG that was never fully developed:

I also wanna throw this one out there to showcase the more pop oriented stuff I do too:

And here's a few unfinished tracks with a darker tone.

Ofcourse I have more stuff on my soundcloud if you're further curious, I can potentially do other aspects of sound design and voice acting too if you'd like to. You can reach me on ,

Thank you

Thank you for these posts and links, I hope this will come in handy.

Hello Messier, see if you would be interested in our project, you may check it out at 
Our audio designer had created all the game music and audio, our OST MV is as below.

See if we would have a chance to collaborate~ Please also feel free to comment our game~~ 

Our email: