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Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain! · By Maddy Makes Games, Noel, Heidy Motta, saint11

Can you please provide the source code with the game?

A topic by Lorenz (xha) created Mar 04, 2023 Views: 2,630 Replies: 9
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I wondered if you could put the source code with the game. I believe this would be great for everyone involved. Let me explain:

  • There is an active modding community and this would make it way easier to write modifications for the game.

  • There are a lot of players already from the FOSS community. I think if you give the source code with the game, this would make the game very interesting for people who don’t like running closed-source software on their machines and for people who like modding games. This might not be a very important reason for you, but I think the game could gain a lot of popularity in this community.

  • I know a lot of people who like the game and are also developers, so if they find a bug they might be able to fix it themselfs rather than needing to open an issue. They could send the patch via git-send-email to you.

  • This will probably boost the sales rather than encourage pirating: This is a move that no game at this scale has yet pulled of (I think). I am not saying this will be in mainstream media or on the hacker news frontpage (though that would be cool) but I mean this will probably attract a lot of attention for the game. There are already ways to pirate the game.

Please note that I am not demanding that you should release the source code. I just want to friendly ask for it. I don’t mean you should make it open source, source-available would probably be best.

ps: Please excuse my English ;-)


I second this


Not a bad idea, but it is totally understandable if they don't want to do that.


I would third this. And yeah if someone wants to pirate the game they can easily do so anyway without the source code; I imagine the types of people who don't know how to pirate also wouldn't know how to compile a game from the source code.


This is quite unnecessary, the modding community has their ways


Not necessary for modding but it would be a positive move for the open-source movement



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there are plenty of tools to take code from games, can't you use those instead or is there some legal stuff i'm missing?

Decompiling is not the same as providing source code. When source code is compiled into a binary you lose eg the names of functions and variables, and there are tons of different ways to decompile a binary executable as there are always multiple ways of writing code that compiles into the same executable code. Decompiled code requires a lot of human attention to make it readable, maintainable, and easy to work with. You would not be able to get Maddy's original code from a decompiled Celeste as there will be so many places where you don't know what she named a variable, or how exactly she coded something. Just because you have the binary executable of a game doesn't mean that you know how the source code was written. Releasing the source code would tell us exactly how the game was actually written.

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there's loads of decomps of celeste online already and all of the ones i downloaded had defined variable names. jetbrains rider also appears to be giving proper looking names
i get what you mean though i guess c# is different in some way