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Robber Rodeo for iPad Now Available!

A topic by gorilla created Jun 16, 2016 Views: 232
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I am excited to announce that Robber Rodeo is now out for your iPad, and will be coming to an Android device in the near future. Robber Rodeo takes conventional tower defense game play and adds its own twist. Don't just place towers - use them early and often to fend off bandits! Punch robbers into trap doors. Freeze them in their tracks before hitting them with explosive candy rounds! Lasso enemies and then shock them with the Tower of Power!

Lvl 8 - Elephant's Saloon

You play as Kiddo, a young boy who has been asked by the Sheriff to transport the town safe. Their town of Rodeo has been invaded by a band of bandits, and it'll be up to you to fend them off as you move the safe throughout town. To defend the safe, you have eight different traps and towers you can build on a top-down map to defeat the bandits. What makes Robber Rodeo unique is that the traps and towers are designed to be activated in real-time, making combat feel more active and pinball-esque at times. The Player can also pull off combination attacks, such as punching a frozen enemy or hitting a lassoed enemy with the Pinata-nade, which deal extra damage. Robber Rodeo features six different enemies, ten different levels, and an original soundtrack all wrapped up in a story about loyalty and friendship.

Robber Rodeo is free for a limited time, and has no ads or in-app purchases! Join the Rodeo today!

Let's chat! Hit me here on, Twitter @robberrodeo, on Reddit /u/olivaw_another, or visit the forums on the official website!