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How to fix this...

A topic by DarkReaperStudio created 31 days ago Views: 210
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usage: butler push [<flags>] <src> <target>

Upload a new build to See `butler help push`.


  -h, --help                     Show context-sensitive help (also try

                                 --help-long and --help-man).

  -v, --verbose                  Be very chatty about what's happening

      --assume-yes               Don't ask questions, just proceed (at your own


  -i, --identity="C:\\Users\\playe\\.config\\itch\\butler_creds"

                                 Path to your API token

      --context-timeout=15       Network operations timeout in seconds

      --ignore=IGNORE ...        Glob patterns of files to ignore when pushing

                                 or diffing

  -V, --version                  Show application version.

      --userversion=USERVERSION  A user-supplied version number that you can

                                 later query builds by


                                 A file containing a user-supplied version

                                 number that you can later query builds by

      --fix-permissions          Detect Mac & Linux executables and adjust their

                                 permissions automatically

      --dereference              Dereference symlinks

      --if-changed               Don't push anything if it would be an empty


      --dry-run                  Don't push anything, just show what would be


      --auto-wrap                Apply workaround for



  <src>     Directory to upload. May also be a zip archive (slower)

  <target>  Where to push, for example 'leafo/x-moon:win-64'. Targets are of the

            form project:channel, where project is username/game or game_id.