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reBERth - Music Driven Space Shooter

A topic by jstaniz created Jun 11, 2016 Views: 312
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We're excited to finally take the wraps off of our game, ReBERth; a musical space shooter where rhythm drives enemy patterns, chord changes morph the level, percussion drives firing patters, and the music tells the story. We're in early alpha development, but will be working to get a beta for review by the end of the year.

We just opened up the build for people to download and play. It's technically a Beta of our vertical slice, so it's at the point we want to hear people's thoughts.

The big areas that we are looking to hear more about are:
General gameplay - Does it feel tight? Are the mechanics engaging? Do controls feel like they have purpose?
Direction - Do people feel like they are lost? Where are things not clear?
Story - Are the characterization understood? Are the characters compelling? Do their motivation start to come through in the story? What would improve story telling for you?

We already have a bunch of things that we are targeting to change, but it would be good to hear more perspectives to either reinforce the changes we want to make, or target new changes.

You can access the build here: