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Was This Project Cancelled?

A topic by awesomefoo123 created Jul 26, 2018 Views: 584 Replies: 4
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I like this game but I cant find any update. Is it being cancelled or abondened?

0.0.9e was an update ._. it certainly hasn't been like that forever.
It isn't cancelled at this moment in time,

something publicly may or may not be in the "Soon(tm)" category
but Patrons have access to the newer/newest dev-version - which just recently became 0.1.0m, If I recall right.

I can see how you think that bruh, I think it too.
There has been like no new content here for like 6 months it feels dead.


New content is on the horizon guys.


Oh,  I hope the new content is good! I don't have money for the full version when it comes out. So I hope these versions are also fun!