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Donations for Demo or Full game?

A topic by roguelikeninja created Jun 09, 2016 Views: 496 Replies: 2
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I have recently acquired your game thinking it was only a demo. I am new to and wasn't familiar with it's U.I., so when the download page opened and asked for a donation I only payed 1$.

After starting the game and played for awhile I thought the game was taking too long for a demo, specially since you can explore the map freely(amazing!). So, I went back to your games page on and I realized that nowhere in your game's presentation or download links you was mentioned a demo.

I am now assuming that this is a full alpha version of your game. If this is the case I would like to contribute more than 1$ as I think you deserve much more for a "full game" even in alpha stage. Is it possible to donate more for the game at this point?

Kind regards.


Wow, thanks for the sentiment. We really appreciate it.

The fact is, to download the game on, you don't have to pay anything. There is a small link that says something like "No thanks, just take me to the downloads," and if you'd like to do that we are fine with it.

The current available version of miniLAW is in fact an Alpha build, but the game is still pretty far from completion. We have big plans for the development of the story, and although the current build will give you a general idea of how the final game will play out, it is essentially in a stage between a demo and a final product.

We have considered going to a release for Steam Early Access, or providing some kind of pre-order system for the full game when it is completed. But the development cycle for this title may last until this time next year, as we are constantly adding new features and content.

Thanks again for playing and for being a part of the community, I hope that you and others in your same position will keep playing and offering feedback.

For more community content, check out and feel free to submit images, art, questions, suggestions, and discussion about the game. We would love to build a thriving community out of the project and build the best game we possibly can for them.

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Now I see things more clearly! Even if it's an alpha build I think the game is very entertaining at the moment. I love the futuristic dystopia theme that apparently draws inspiration from classics like Judge Dredd and Robocop, pouring a bit of humor. The Stephen hawking's" robotic voice one liners really cracked me up! This game will be one of the best in it's genre for sure!

As soon as the aim issue in the game is fixed I'll be sure to leave additional feedback.

Also, I would like to know if your game will be available DRM free.

Kind regards!