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Midnight Dungeon

A topic by KrisseAappenaTuominen created 14 days ago Views: 86
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I have played lots and loads of NetHack- and Roguelike games. 

So I was genuinely surprised by the Midnight Dungeon. It has its

roots in pixy dungeon crawling very firmly but is somehow a bit

different than most NetHacck -clones. 

It is a small, but still very much giving dungeon game with different floors, keys to find for the door, an enemy to pass, and a sword to use. It also makes you use your brain(s) as a form of a math puzzle. So its tune and inner style and atmosphere make it much more than just one of those funky bitsy dungeon grooves with nice retro graphs and a nice tune to listen to. 

I am really happy that I happened to find this small genius gaming gem. Totally recommend this to everyone who likes Roguelikes, especially pixy kind of, and who is ready to try a little different game in the genre of dungeon crawling. I really enjoyed playing the Midnight Dungeon. Totally hoping that You do too!

Check it out ->