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Guild's Adventure

A comfy adventurer's guild fantasy TTRPG · By hoppet

0.2 errata

A topic by hoppet created Jan 23, 2023 Views: 73
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Developer (2 edits)

So there are a couple few details missing from 0.2 that I meant to get in there, but wow writing a book is complex. I'll update this list if more things are found to be missing:

  • Character sheets have not been completed. I'll be releasing spreadsheets that will do as character sheets hopefully soon.
  • Since it's not noted in the book and there are no character sheets: there are three boxes of light harm, three of heavy harm.
  • Healing harm via the Heal action works as follows: you roll an action roll. If you succeed, you heal one light harm off someone's character sheet, or reduce a heavy harm to light harm. GM, don't add more harm as a consequence to a 1-3 or 4-5 unless you are going for a tougher style of game.