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Long wait when starting on Ubuntu 16.04

A topic by Mondane created Jul 20, 2018 Views: 115 Replies: 2
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Version installed: #92465 (linux) 

First time boot took very long, ~5minutes, while the game was probably indexing my harddisk. Only thing I saw was:

I stopped the game when I saw the menu  to try again and again I have a long wait of several minutes.

Perhaps show a loader?


Hello there, GNU/Linux builds are experimental for now, we are working on getting it to work. The long wait time you are reporting is a timeout because the game is trying to reach a server to download updates that no longer exists. We will post an update when this version becomes stable. Sorry for the trouble!


I got those errors in the terminal when starting with ARCH:

Texture #1 32,32
Texture #2 32,32
read underflow detectedNot a PNGReadPNG :: a PNG error occuredTexture #1 32,32
Texture #2 32,32

over and over again.

Hope it helps to sort out the error.