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Mr. Friendly

Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness · By JP LeBreton

Floating character - unable to interact with other characters

A topic by mlaiseca created Jul 20, 2018 Views: 241 Replies: 2
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steps to reproduce:

1. using ultimate doom from steam

2. redirected gzdoom to my wad file in the ini

3. dragged the mr friendly game on the gzdoom icon

4. select new game

5. select any level

6. level starts [here is when my character then mysteriously starts floating vertically. the character still can move left and right but is still floating too high to the point i cant interact with any characters. I have attached  a pic showing my issue. Notice my crosshair is touching the ceiling. ]

Developer (1 edit)

I can't seem to reproduce this on my system, and maybe I don't understand the nature of the issue. The player in Mr. Friendly does float by design, but you should be able to float around to objects and characters and interact with them. Can you use the mouse to look up and down? Flying forward when looking even slightly down should put you in interact range of objects if you're too high above them. You can also press F to toggle the floating off altogether, if you'd prefer to walk.

i turned off float and i can play now, thanks!