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[SOLVED] Can't unistall on Pop OS

A topic by Frederick Kramer Dal Pra created 74 days ago Views: 226 Replies: 4
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Hi, I checked the guides and tried to run itch with --unistall flag, but it says

2023/01/13 16:26:29 "./itch-setup"

2023/01/13 16:26:29 "--unistall"

2023/01/13 16:26:29 =========================================

2023/01/13 16:26:29 Fatal error: unknown long flag '--unistall'

I have no idea what else to do because I can't even find its package. Help would be much appreciated, thank you


You are missing an "n" in the word 'uninstall'.


OHMY!! THANK YOU!!! I can't believe I did such a silly mistake!
UniNstalled correctly! :)


Haha, yay, very good.

Just in case someone else uninstall it and forget to read the output:

2023/03/15 You might want to remove `~/.config/itch` as well: 
2023/03/15 it contains your profile data and default install location.