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Gameplay & Thoughts

A topic by Cryptic Hybrid created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 238 Replies: 2
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Haven't figured out how to defeat the bossy... boss, but had a good time with the alpha. And on the third try I also got to make a video. :) I hope to see the RPG elements too, and the spells planned. 

I've had one issue where, when fighting the goat near Berta, outside the Athenaeum I died while the dialogue window was active (I missclicked when fighting the goat). So I clicked Retry, and when I reached Berta again Armin would not move, and I had to restart.  

Looking forward to more Insignia. Kickstarter this autumn? 


Wow, thanks for taking the time to produce that video! It was kind of awesome hearing you give the characters voices and narrating the game's dialogue. Surreal to me, a little bit.

As you know, the demo is still in alpha, so there are some spots that are still rough that I'd like to iron out. I'm really sorry you experienced a bug that broke the gameplay, I'll do my best to clear them all out before the demo goes to steam.

Funding before the new year, hopefully. Maybe Kickstarter, maybe patreon, maybe publishing. I'm still figuring out what will suit this project the best.

Thanks again!

Hey. Please don't say sorry about the bugs, I know it happens. :) I just wanted to mention it since it was the only thing I encountered and I hope it can be replicated so you squash it easily. I'm glad you like the video. I think you have a good base with the alpha, and I bet that ice fortress in the background will look great. ;) 

If a crowdfunding campaign is the option you go with maybe we can do an interview while it's live. In any case, when you have time and want to share more, we should sit down and talk. :)