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The Time Traveler - a choices and consequences ARPG

A topic by Mark Rey created Jun 02, 2016 Views: 346
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The Time Traveler

An action RPG game in which every choice you make matter

After an unsuccessful theft attempt of the witch's magic crystal, your friend Pedro vanished. In order to get him back and repear your mistake you must find someone, who can take you back in time. You need to find The Time Traveler.

  • The Time Traveler tells a light-hearted story with many funny and sometimes serious and sad moments. Meet funny characters, discover their stories, help them or hurt them, create or destroy. It's your choice. But brave yourself - consequences will come.

  • Experience an open world, filled with interesting characters, quests, treasures, unique items and more! After you finish the prolog you are free to explore and to do whatever you want in any order you want.
  • Take part in real-time dynamic battles. Use your weapons and magic spells like: fireballs, energy attack, health increase and more, to gain advantages in battles.

  • Customize the look of your character at the begging of your journey. Then, choose your own equipment and increase your favourite stats to adjust your character to your play style.
  • Every actions have their consequences - either long term or short term. Every side quest can be completed in more than 3 ways. And every decision you make in this game will affect your ending.

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