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NeoWars - a node-based sci-fi RTS

A topic by Microtale created Jun 02, 2016 Views: 907
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Hey there, we want to introduce NeoWars,

The game is a sci-fi node-based RTS game with deep tactical gameplay.

We are currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign and have an early access version available here on that lets you play through a good portion of the game. The final version will come with an awesome multiplayer mode.

Steam Greenlight


Land your harvester on a planet to gather its resources. Connect to an empty resource field to take it over, and build an efficient distribution network between your harvesters. But beware, you are not alone.

Up to 3 enemy AI players battle with you for the last remaining harvester on the planet surface. Be smart and quick to achieve a glorious victory. Use different upgrades, buffs and debuffs to gain the edge over your enemies.


  • Beautiful minimalistic sci-fi setting
  • Tactical game play on 5 different environments
  • Campaign with 50+ planets to conquer
  • Up to 5 difficulties per level – from easy to insane
  • 4 permanent upgrades
  • 35 buffs/de-buffs for friendly and enemy nodes in 5 rarities
  • Advanced enemy AI with up to 3 opponents on a single map
  • Unique "Free2Paid" model for mobile version
  • Awesome 8-layer interactive music score
  • Lefthanded mode
  • Reduced graphics settings for low end devices (settings menu)

We would love to hear back from you :)