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Hardware Tycoon

Design and sell hardware to outdo the competition in this free tycoon! · By Haxor

More hardware

A topic by wordio created Jul 15, 2018 Views: 459 Replies: 8
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are you going to add other stuff than a cpu and gpu? such as cpu fans, maybe cases, motherboards, psu...?

Yes, more hardware is planned after I finish everything CPU-related.

he's busy playing roblox 

Also is there anyway you can make it multiplayer as in one person has a company and rivals AI companies and the other player(s). 

I will not add multplayer.


Mostly because I have no experience with network features and multiplayer would be a huge undertaking.

all of the CPU research only goes up to 1981

Indeed. I plan on adding much more in 0.2.8